Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I decide after looking around a few of the sites
to do maps from Google.

Flickr has a map site to but I thought Google
would be better.

"Google" was awarded first place along with
"Live Search Maps" coming second and
"Google Earth" coming third.

It had the you tube which you could type
in and get a map up to where you were
flying anywhere in the world.

I did a few maps and then decided to try and
do one with Brown"s Bay North Shore Auckland.

To my amazement it worked.
So I printed a sheet out.

I was going to try and send it to my blog
but was not sure how to go about it.
I may come back and do one later if I
find out how to do it.

I found it took a wee while to sort out how to
go about it.

I think this site would be very useful in the Library.

It came up as world map first and then you typed
in what state and country you wanted to search.
Here is the site I was in.

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