Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I think we better have a corner or room
in the next few years for our Keenages.

I think those who don't have a computer
will want to have a looked at the You Tubes
at the library.

Yes I feel there is a place in the library,
where they can be used. Mainly to show a
patron how to use it and could also be used as
a learning tool like, we are doing now.
Before these exercises I did not know
much about the You Tube.

I have had a look at a number of sites.
Found one in library stuff called "Hilarious"
and the song was titled "Its the end of the
world and he feels fine."

Library Dominoes, what fun they had putting
all the books right.

I also saw the video on adventures of a Super
Librarian, in two places. It was the title why I
picked this one. I thought this one would be
interesting seeing I work in a Library, plus
I was able to see it through.
I felt she was a bit quick putting those books away.

The negative side they take so long to load,
but if you have all day it does not matter.

Looked at some of the other ones.
There is a lot rubbish but you soon pick
them out.

Heard Abba, takes me back a few years.

The video on our Exercise takes me back
a few years, books in cabinets.
No talking in Libraries. Big Trolleys.
Libraries not very nice to look at, as
there is nothing on the walls.

Another one I watch was on 24 hours in
London. That one took me back to my
trip when I was in London.

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