Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I decide after looking around a few of the sites
to do maps from Google.

Flickr has a map site to but I thought Google
would be better.

"Google" was awarded first place along with
"Live Search Maps" coming second and
"Google Earth" coming third.

It had the you tube which you could type
in and get a map up to where you were
flying anywhere in the world.

I did a few maps and then decided to try and
do one with Brown"s Bay North Shore Auckland.

To my amazement it worked.
So I printed a sheet out.

I was going to try and send it to my blog
but was not sure how to go about it.
I may come back and do one later if I
find out how to do it.

I found it took a wee while to sort out how to
go about it.

I think this site would be very useful in the Library.

It came up as world map first and then you typed
in what state and country you wanted to search.
Here is the site I was in.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well here I am again doing a blog on Number 16.
Signing in was easy this time.

Did not think at first I was going to be able to
get in to this website.

Have tried another way of getting a page to write on,
as it kept telling you all about the website.

Anyway I have done my first bit of writing
and will see if I have done what I was required to do.

I was waiting for the page to come up where
you save it, but did not come up.

Here is where I was. http:
I found with going on the internet everything
took so as it is so slow to do anything.

I will say when you do write, everything is their for you.

Yes I think this is another tool that could be used
in the library.

I feel that I may used this website too more as once
I got used to it , I found it great.

Friday, August 22, 2008



Well I am not sure about this website as I
found I was not getting anywhere very fast.

I seemed to lose things very easy that I
thought I had created.

Anyway I have managed to create an account
and have things done in my dashboard.

Will have another go and see how I get on.

Most than likely it will be another quite useful
site when working on the reference desk.

With Firefox you have to decide if you want to stay
with the software you are with or change
to Firefox.

I know some people prefer Firefox
but I don't know if I would use it as much as
with the one I am with at home.

It might be very useful on the reference desk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



This website is very interesting.

I had a great times looking at all the book covers.

This would be great for anyone with a big library
at home, because you could cataloge all
your books on line.

Once I new what to do I was right.

Have spent a couple of afternoons clicking
on all the buttons and seeing what came up.

I found down loading this picture very easy.

I have selected six books, a mixture of
fiction and non-fiction.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well have I had some fun
in this website.
I have managed to down
load this one, the beach one,
not quite sure yet how I did it,
but here it is.

I have been in the three
websites and found them
most interesting.

I had a go at creating my own
glowstick with craftwoman
but had trouble down
loading that one.

The greeting cards was most
interesting. I found I had the
little red eye come up all
the time warning me I might crash,
which was a bit of a nusisane.

It is a great site if you want to
create something
different for a change.
I love it.
I could play for hours looking
at everything.
I also had another play on the
world map putting on the map
all the places I have been to.
Well I have had another go
and have done what I wanted
to do this weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008



Well I don't know about this website.
It was easy to get into, but I was not
sure what I had to do.

I have left my name and I thought I will
have another look at it but I don't think
it is my cup of tea.

I feel their other sites I would sooner play
round on.

Exercise (11) Week 4 WIKI


Well as they say you learn something new
everyday, when you are looking at new websites
on the computer, like we are on this course.
Till I started this course, I never new nothing
about Wikis.

What I have seen of this website it is like a big
library with a lot of imformation gathered together
on a lot of different subjects.

Just looking at it from the outside, it looks a great
network and well set out.

When you look more closely at it, you find that
anyone can gather information and put it on the website.
You are also able to add to information or
change the information or even delete what has
been written without it being edited.

I myself feel we have other resources that are more
reliable like the online Worldbook, BBC News and
others for up to the minute information.

This site I would only use at the last resort
for a fairly general question, but would also
tell the customer that it may not be acurate.

People who come to the library for information
usually like acurate information to their questions.

I tried to look at the information on Peter Blake
but had problemns.

Monday, August 11, 2008


By Ric Anderson

After reading the first three prepectives,
I decided to read the rest first.
They were all most interesting to read.
After reading them all I have come to the
conclusion that all Librarian should do
the web. 2.0. Exercises.

I feel Rick Anderson sums it up in a nutshell.

"Yes" his coments on the "Just in case collection."
I feel are right. This I think mainly on the
"Stack collection." How much do we need to keep?
Do we need to keep say three books the same in
the three big Libraries in the Auckland Region.

Could that be cut down to one if these books have
not been out for ten to twenty years at all.

Again can I say could more of the "Stack books"
be in say Wellington to ease up space in our
overloaded libraries.

It is not that many years ago when we did
everything by hand or on a "Tpyewriter."

The customer in those days had to come to
our Libraries for help. Especially reference Questions.
How things have changed. Remember the days
when reference books were locked up in cupboards
and only Librarians got those books out.

Catologing was done by looking up the catolog.
In this last ten years things have changed so
quickly from hand to computers and self check

We do need to let go of the old and keep up with
the changes that happening around us in the
Techonogly world we live in.

We also need to change to what our "Patrons"
want of our Libraries these days.

Computers I feel must have websites that are
easy to operate for our patrons.

A few years down the track I feel there will
be more business coming in by phone or E-mail
or other Techonogly Equipment.

Digital equipment I feel will play a big part in the
very near future.

Goodness knows what else will come on the market
in the "Techonogly Field,"

In the next couple of years and we must be ready
for the changes.

We just cannot sit back and say we will be right.


After a few goes I managed to get the video
going. What I saw of it, it showed quite a bit
which was very interesting to watch. Which
was in bits and pieces.

Hope some time to get a good look at it again.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

#9 (Week 4): Technorati


Sorry everyone I would not give you
fifty cents for this web site.

I tried a few times to see the Technorati
Tour videocast, but gave up on that.

I then went into the main page and put
"Learning 2.0" in search for Blog and then tag.
No differents, but went in a different way and
produced a result.

Learnt a new word geek, someone who is geek
must have designed this website.

News and the Olympics both in 2nd place.
141 Blogs on the Olympics.

Exercise #8 (Week 4) DEL.ICIO.US


Well after a few false starts with my computer
I managed to get started on this exercise.

I spent quite a bit of time in the sites on
Saturday of Discovery Resoures.
In the finish I thought I better get out of this and
get some Blogging done.

As I said in the last Exercise you can spend so
much time just looking round as there is so much
to see in the websites.

I went into Nashville Public Library.
They had 24 Magazines tagged, and was one on
While in there I clicked on web 2.0 and 130.872 views
popped up.
The video was called "Blogging for beginniners" but
did not run very well.

I also went into Lansing Public Library,
clicked on "Library TechBlog"
That came up like the exercises we are doing.
Fire Fox, Demio & tips.
I then clicked on Penn Tags
"Popular tags used 93 times. Cookbooks 101,
7307 recipes. I quite liked the "Spring Tabbouleh"
recipe in the salad section.

Travel is the most popular site on

Also went into Ajax Libraries API.
Then into API Maps examples and did a few.

Had a quick look at the "university libraries"
round the world.
No 19 I clicked on which was the "Oxford
text Archives which had quite a bit on the
history of King Henry.
The Popular book marks was
"Travel web 2.0 No. 14, 864 tags.
Had a quick look at Travel uk, and Early
Modern London.
Last of all went into the BBC News
& Traffic of London.

It is another site that can be used
in the Library but it only gives a little
bit of information at a glance.

Last of all I went into Librarything for Libraries,
Then just went into diffrent windows,
one was Thing-ology.

Yes it is another great website but I wonder if
we would use this one that much at the Library.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Exercise (#7.1)- (#7.2) and RSS

Wow! What a web site.
You could sit all day and night and still
find more information to see.

My poor E-mails have been getting a bit
neglected lately.

At first I found it quite confusing.
I spent a couple of nights and afternoon
looking round all the sites in the Exercise.
I will say it is a great web site for up to the
minute information.

I feel it will be a great advantage for those
people working on the reference desk to
know about these sites.

For myself I still like my hard copy newspaper
that I can sit down with a nice hot cup of tea.
(And my Mania Puzzle book.)
Plus my children keep me up to date
on news and weather from the websites
they use.

The different feeders are great to.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Exercise #6 (Week2)


Well over the last fifty years things have advanced
so much that it is unreal.
Who would have thought fifty years ago we would
have cellphones with cameras and portable DVD's
that you could carry where ever you went on holiday,
to show your family and friends all your photos.
I just love my portable DVD especially when you have
grandchildren wanting to watch something when the
adults want to watch the news.
The portable DVD is so light and one can just pop it in
your handbag when travelling on the plane.

Discovery Exercise (#5)

Well what a website. I have spent a few hours just looking
round the different sites. I had a friend who said join flickr
and have some fun. I have just had fun looking round the
different maps that are on the web.

I had a look at most of them, and found myself spending too
much time seeing what else there was to see.

The F.D. Toys map maker was great. Which is on site., which was the link, I put in Auckland N.Z.
and then Bus stops. That was great.

The other thing I did was, I looked at Wikipedia site and found the world map.
I put onto the map what places I had visited in the world.
Looking at the world map after the places, I had named in had been highlighted
I have only seen a little bit of the world.
I was amazed what they use mapping for etc. crime, history, weather
and a whole lot of other things.