Sunday, September 14, 2008


When I started these exercises a few weeks
ago I did not know how far I would get, in this
I will be honest I did not think I would get through,
because I am not on the computer at work and
felt it would be a piece of cake to the others.
I have surprised myself in being able to do it.
I found some excises quite easy while others
were a bit difficult to do.
When I came to flickr and learnt about that one,
I thought I would try doing a cellphone image as
I use a digtal camera a lot.
Had a few goes on downloading it as I have found
you need to do it the same as your digtal camera.
eBooks I feel is a great website and I most likely,
use that one again. This one I new nothing about it.
My friends have been very interested in the different
websites I have been useing and wanted to know,
about them as they have never used the sites either.
You Tube has been good to learn as I have been
getting e-mails with you tube on it.
That one I am useing now.
Zoho writer I think that one is great.
I may use that one when I have quite a bit of work
to do that has to be sent away.
The generator was great fun.
Iceberg I enjoyed that exercise and was able to
write about a subject I know about.
A lot of exercises did surprise me because I new
nothing about them. I had heard of some of the
different names like i pod, but apart from that
not many of the others.
Thanks for letting me take part in this programme.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



My thoughts on Social Networking in a library
setting needs a lot of thought, before being put
into practice.
I feel first you must have enough trained staff to
operate it once it is up and running and also to
establish this site. Safety is another aspect.

There are the pros and cons on this subject, as
far as the law is concerned, especially if you have
patrons abusing it.

If you are going to have a your Space my Space
network, it must be well layed out how you are
going to run it and police it.
I feel if it is set up right and doing it for young
people , then I feel it would be great.

As one bloger mentioned you could have some
young people helping with my Space by answering
their questions.

I think it would work well on the North Shore Libraries.
You may even like to have it in conjuction with some
of the school Libraries as well.
It would be one way of keeping the young people
off the streets.

You could have young people also helping to set up
the site and doing a slide show or video on the
positive things they do like playing intruments,
singing, using a computer and all sorts of things
that young people are interested in.

I had a look at all the sites and found some of the
libraries overseas have got it mentioned on there
site that they have "My Space."
They also have slide shows done by the young
people on positive things that they are doing.
Had a bit of problems with the little red eye coming
up while I was in this Exercise in List of Libraries.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



When I first looked at this exercise I thought what
next are we going to be doing in Libraries.

It took me a few times going to the different sites
before I found different ways of getting in without
loging in, as I did not want to become a member in
my Space, so I did not see much in that site.

Facebook was a different story after having a go
three or four times.
Found the videos and I watch some of the one called
"Its all geek to me "Wireless internet Suri"

Hitwise broadcast I took a tour when I sorted out the
different section at the top of the screen.

Went into "My Space Sunrise" and watch the You tube.

Found the Social networking video on the designer
of Facebook in one of the sites.

Over all yes these websites will be great for the younger

people who want to make friends and do facebook pages.

I feel I don't need to do this on the web, as enough people
know me in New Zealand and Overseas. I find it is hard
enough keeping up with all my mates now leave alone
to many more to e-mail to.

Saturday, September 6, 2008



I think all older people should get themselves
are laptop so they can read any book they like.

It was fun going into all the websites and having
a look at what is round in ebooks.

William Shakespeare had works in more than the
public domain. In the public domain I downloaded
an Audio and heard the poem called "Blow Blow
the winter wind which I have not heard for a long time.

The different websites had different setups.
Some were more easier than others.

I found out some books you can only read some pages
while others you could read the book or download it
if the book was no longer being printered.

Went to Google Earth and went into one of the books
of W. Shakespeare. That site took me a wee while to
get to Shakespeares works but finally found it.
The other ones were easy.

Guttenberg has works finished and works that is in the
process of being put onto the computer.

I feel more so now, that we don't need to hold more than
one book in the Auckland Region in the stack collection
that is in the ebooks that are free to download.

Here is some of the places I have been.

Friday, September 5, 2008



Well I feel I have learnt a lot in the last
few weeks on this course.
I had heard of ipods but did not know anything
about them.

Over the last few days I have been playing
around with the diffirent sites and just been
going from one thing to another and before
you know it, a couple of hours has gone by.

It is easy to foreget the time when you are
having fun.

I was not quite sure at first going round the site
to which places to click on.

I now know that a podcast is a audio that you
can listen to.
There is the basic podcast and then you have the
one that has slides too.
The third a vodcast (or video podcast.

Some of them did not have the feeds.
One book I looked at was "slow down
to speed up" by Lothar J. Stewart.
That took my fancy seeing I am always
beening told to slow down by my family
and friends.

The other was children in schools.
What problems they have.

Another site I went into was,
"Library work sheet." Then into Tips. Library.
Then it said "Library under construction"
I thought that was great. It reminded me
of what is happening at Birkenhead.
My rss feed is blogging from the elley.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I think we better have a corner or room
in the next few years for our Keenages.

I think those who don't have a computer
will want to have a looked at the You Tubes
at the library.

Yes I feel there is a place in the library,
where they can be used. Mainly to show a
patron how to use it and could also be used as
a learning tool like, we are doing now.
Before these exercises I did not know
much about the You Tube.

I have had a look at a number of sites.
Found one in library stuff called "Hilarious"
and the song was titled "Its the end of the
world and he feels fine."

Library Dominoes, what fun they had putting
all the books right.

I also saw the video on adventures of a Super
Librarian, in two places. It was the title why I
picked this one. I thought this one would be
interesting seeing I work in a Library, plus
I was able to see it through.
I felt she was a bit quick putting those books away.

The negative side they take so long to load,
but if you have all day it does not matter.

Looked at some of the other ones.
There is a lot rubbish but you soon pick
them out.

Heard Abba, takes me back a few years.

The video on our Exercise takes me back
a few years, books in cabinets.
No talking in Libraries. Big Trolleys.
Libraries not very nice to look at, as
there is nothing on the walls.

Another one I watch was on 24 hours in
London. That one took me back to my
trip when I was in London.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I decide after looking around a few of the sites
to do maps from Google.

Flickr has a map site to but I thought Google
would be better.

"Google" was awarded first place along with
"Live Search Maps" coming second and
"Google Earth" coming third.

It had the you tube which you could type
in and get a map up to where you were
flying anywhere in the world.

I did a few maps and then decided to try and
do one with Brown"s Bay North Shore Auckland.

To my amazement it worked.
So I printed a sheet out.

I was going to try and send it to my blog
but was not sure how to go about it.
I may come back and do one later if I
find out how to do it.

I found it took a wee while to sort out how to
go about it.

I think this site would be very useful in the Library.

It came up as world map first and then you typed
in what state and country you wanted to search.
Here is the site I was in.