Saturday, September 6, 2008



I think all older people should get themselves
are laptop so they can read any book they like.

It was fun going into all the websites and having
a look at what is round in ebooks.

William Shakespeare had works in more than the
public domain. In the public domain I downloaded
an Audio and heard the poem called "Blow Blow
the winter wind which I have not heard for a long time.

The different websites had different setups.
Some were more easier than others.

I found out some books you can only read some pages
while others you could read the book or download it
if the book was no longer being printered.

Went to Google Earth and went into one of the books
of W. Shakespeare. That site took me a wee while to
get to Shakespeares works but finally found it.
The other ones were easy.

Guttenberg has works finished and works that is in the
process of being put onto the computer.

I feel more so now, that we don't need to hold more than
one book in the Auckland Region in the stack collection
that is in the ebooks that are free to download.

Here is some of the places I have been.

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