Sunday, September 14, 2008


When I started these exercises a few weeks
ago I did not know how far I would get, in this
I will be honest I did not think I would get through,
because I am not on the computer at work and
felt it would be a piece of cake to the others.
I have surprised myself in being able to do it.
I found some excises quite easy while others
were a bit difficult to do.
When I came to flickr and learnt about that one,
I thought I would try doing a cellphone image as
I use a digtal camera a lot.
Had a few goes on downloading it as I have found
you need to do it the same as your digtal camera.
eBooks I feel is a great website and I most likely,
use that one again. This one I new nothing about it.
My friends have been very interested in the different
websites I have been useing and wanted to know,
about them as they have never used the sites either.
You Tube has been good to learn as I have been
getting e-mails with you tube on it.
That one I am useing now.
Zoho writer I think that one is great.
I may use that one when I have quite a bit of work
to do that has to be sent away.
The generator was great fun.
Iceberg I enjoyed that exercise and was able to
write about a subject I know about.
A lot of exercises did surprise me because I new
nothing about them. I had heard of some of the
different names like i pod, but apart from that
not many of the others.
Thanks for letting me take part in this programme.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

You have been an inspiration to many of your colleagues Craftwoman. It has been wonderful to follow you on your journey of discovery and learn about the programme through your experiences.

Well done for taking up the challenge, first of all, and then running with it. This is only the beginning - you now have the confidence and skills to go back and use or learn more about the Web 2.0 tools that appealed to you.