Thursday, September 11, 2008



My thoughts on Social Networking in a library
setting needs a lot of thought, before being put
into practice.
I feel first you must have enough trained staff to
operate it once it is up and running and also to
establish this site. Safety is another aspect.

There are the pros and cons on this subject, as
far as the law is concerned, especially if you have
patrons abusing it.

If you are going to have a your Space my Space
network, it must be well layed out how you are
going to run it and police it.
I feel if it is set up right and doing it for young
people , then I feel it would be great.

As one bloger mentioned you could have some
young people helping with my Space by answering
their questions.

I think it would work well on the North Shore Libraries.
You may even like to have it in conjuction with some
of the school Libraries as well.
It would be one way of keeping the young people
off the streets.

You could have young people also helping to set up
the site and doing a slide show or video on the
positive things they do like playing intruments,
singing, using a computer and all sorts of things
that young people are interested in.

I had a look at all the sites and found some of the
libraries overseas have got it mentioned on there
site that they have "My Space."
They also have slide shows done by the young
people on positive things that they are doing.
Had a bit of problems with the little red eye coming
up while I was in this Exercise in List of Libraries.

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